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About us

Children are a source, not a recipient

SOURCEKID was founded with one purpose -  to cultivate children's potential through a chain reaction of impact, belonging and care. We adults tend to compromise the first ring of that chain by presenting the world as given, offering children over-designed products and exposing them to a digital world conceived for us and simplified to fit their passive consumption.
We have become so familiar to the sensory constraints of the digital devices that we do not realize how they limit children's full body experience during the fundamental phase of mental development, when the basics of soft skills like creativity are forming.
Our program supports the teachers in their challenge to turn the tide with architectural thinking seminars and a hybrid-digital drafting and crafting workshop for the children.
Teachers learn in our seminars to transform in an adventure the basics of architecture like light and shadow. Exploring with new eyes their daily surroundings children discover how the real is much more interesting than the virtual and share their creations in the community.

Girl Painter
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